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Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).

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Surgical, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, Veterinary, Dental, Dermatology, Osteosynthesis, Gynecology, Scissors, ENT, Neurosurgery, Castration, Sets, Kits, Cardiovascular, Tracheotomy, Tonsillectomy, Laryngectomy, Thyroidectomy, Post Mortem, Amputation, Suture, Obstetrical, Laminectomy, Biopsy, Super-Cut, TC (Tungsten Carbide) Instruments, spinal, Grooming, Equine, Speculums, Sheep Shears, Emasculators, Dehorners, Tattoo Pliers, Nail trimmers, cutters, nippers, Dental Extracting forceps, Dental Elevators, Gum scissors, Syringes, Orthodontic Pliers, Impression trays, Rubber Dam clamps, Beaker Tongs, Wax Knives, Tuning Forks, Drill guides, Sleeves, Bone screws and plates, Screw drivers, IVD Ronguers, Wire & Pin cutters, Tongue Depressors, Re-usable instruments, Endoscopic shaft forceps

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Bone Implants
Maniure Pedicure
Dental Instruments
Ear Nose Throat-ENT
Nail Hair Care
Needle Holders
Steel Hollow Ware

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a12 bandage / utility scissors
a9 bandage scissors
s007 bandage scissors
21 bandage scissors
22 bandage scissors
b49 bandage scissors
b50 bandage scissors
786-57 bandage scissors
s008 barber scissors
b47 capsolotomy scissors
b232 capsulotomy scissors
e59 capsulotomy scissors
e60 capsulotomy scissors
b46 corneal scissors
e12 corneal scissors
b230 corneal scissors
b231 corneal scissors
e57 corneal scissors
e58 corneoscleral scissors
c4 coronary scissors
dp046 crown scissors
s041 cuticle & dissecting scissors
c5 delicate scissors
a6 dissecting scissors
c6 dissecting scissors
c7 dissecting scissors
c8 dissecting scissors
c9 dissecting scissors
c10 dissecting scissors
13 dissecting scissors
14 dissecting scissors
b21 dissecting scissors
b27 dissecting scissors
s047 dissecting scissors
b128 dissecting scissors
s051 dressing scissors
c11 episiotomy scissors
786-22 eye scissors
b33 eye scissors & retractors
b377 ganglion scissors
dp038 gum scissors
dp039 gum scissors
dp040 gum scissors
dp041 gum scissors
dp042 gum scissors
dp043 gum scissors
s069 gum scissors
s071 gynaecological scissors
b29 iris / dissecting scissors
c12 iris scissors
b30 iris scissors
b31 iris scissors
b32 iris scissors
e13 iris scissors
b225 iris scissors
b226 iris scissors
b229 iris scissors
b294 iris scissors
b295 iris scissors
b472 iris scissors
en1 laparoscopic scissors
786-19 ligature scissors
786-20 ligature scissors
b23 metzenbaum scissors
b25 micro scissors
b42 micro scissors
b43 micro scissors
s103 micro scissors
c157 micro scissors
c158 micro scissors
c159 micro scissors
c160 micro scissors
b193 micro scissors
b194 micro scissors
b48 nail scissors
b260 nasal scissors
b302 nasal scissors
c13 neurological scissors
a5 operating scissors
a7 operating scissors
a11 operating scissors
a13 operating scissors
c14 operating scissors
c15 operating scissors
b18 operating scissors
b19 operating scissors
b20 operating scissors
s117 operating scissors
s118 operating scissors
s119 operating scissors
s120 operating scissors
s121 operating scissors
s122 operating scissors
786-17 operating scissors
786-18 operating scissors
s133 opthalmic scissors
b41 pencil-type micro scissors
23 plaster shears
b51 plaster shears
b28 plastic surgery scissors
b293 plastic surgery scissors
15 post mortem scissors
c1 scissors
c2 scissors
c3 scissors
b11 scissors
d13 scissors
b22 scissors
b24 scissors
b26 scissors
b34 scissors
b35 scissors
b36 scissors
b37 scissors
b39 scissors
b40 scissors
b45 scissors
d48 scissors
d49 scissors
d50 scissors
d51 scissors
d136 scissors
d137 scissors
b299 scissors
b300 scissors
b301 scissors
b314 scissors
b353 scissors
b360 scissors
b475 scissors
b476 scissors
b227 stabismus scissors
b44 stevens tenotomy scissors
54 stitch scissors
55 stitch scissors
b297 stitch scissors
b298 stitch scissors
b477 stitch scissors
e56 strabismus scissors
b296 strabismus scissors
b473 strabismus scissors
b58 super-cut & tc scissors
a1 super-cut scissors
a2 super-cut scissors
a3 super-cut scissors
b56 super-cut scissors
b57 super-cut scissors
d131 super-cut scissors
d132 super-cut scissors
d133 super-cut scissors
8 surgical scissors
9 surgical scissors
10 surgical scissors
11 surgical scissors
dp044 surgical scissors
b38 suture & stitch scissors
b127 suture & stitch scissors
b233 suture & stitch scissors
a4 suture scissors
a8 suture scissors
c16 suture scissors
c17 suture scissors
dp045 suture scissors
b52 tc scissors
b53 tc scissors
b54 tc scissors
b55 tc scissors
16 tc surgical scissors
17 tc surgical scissors
18 tc surgical scissors
19 tc surgical scissors
20 tc surgical scissors
c122 tenotomy scissors
b228 tenotomy scissors
786-78 tenotomy scissors
b474 tenotomy scissors
s181 toe nail scissors
b101 towel clamps & scissors
a10 tungsten carbide scissors
c18 umbilical scissors
786-21 uterine scissors
b463 uterine scissors
e14 vannas scissors
s191 vascular scissors
a14 wire cutting scissors
b129 wire cutting scissors
b303 wire cutting scissors